InterMedi@KT is a non-profit organization working as a broker for vocational education, training and innovation. We aim at supporting, inspiring and empowering actions of evolving business and entrepreneurship.

We keep on track with technological advances, new ICT tools and e-learning methods in order to disseminate the knowledge in every age.

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We are interested to expand our horizons through international collaborations. Our organization consists of a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, all experienced and capable to implement projects within the framework of the European and International programmes in the fields of Education, Training & Youth, Rights & Equality, Culture, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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Featured Projects & Activities

  • TRAIL – ‎Teenagers‬: the Road with Autism to Independent Living

  • Camouflage and safety in the virtual world

  • Accessible Routes

  • My Story – Media and Migrants

  • InterPriSE – Intercultural Primary School Education

  • One Europe Articles

  • SETTLE – Social ‪‎Entrepreneurship‬ Training via icT Learning Environments

  • Open Coffee Patras

  • Sending participants in Youth Training Courses

  • CodeGirls

Visit Metis database

Our online knowledge repository holds the name of an ancient Greek deity, whose name was interpreted as wisdom and skill.

Said about us

  • “Very professional and supportive staff of InterMedi@KT makes any collaboration or task easy to execute.”

    Lina Klemkaite
    Co-founder & President in DRAMBLYS
  • “An awesome organization! Very active, very inspiring, and run by great people!!”

    Ivan Botoucharov
    Co-Founder and Co-President in OneEurope
  • “They ROCK!”

    Diana Yakimchuk
    Senior Expert on Public and Media Relations at Chernivtsi Regional Employment Center
  • Άρθρο στην εφημερίδα Πελοπόννησος: “Αφηγήσεις …για την αφήγηση”

    Αντωνία Ρηγάτου
  • Άρθρο στην εφημερίδα Πελοπόννησος: “Καινοτομία, όραμα και εξέλιξη”

    Αντωνία Ρηγάτου

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Our network, composed of our partners and supporters, creates the opportunity for mutual exchange of knowledge, experience and know-how!

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