InterMedi@KT consists of a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, all experienced and capable to implement projects within the framework of the European and International programmes. Using our wide network and connections, we can successfully reach many target groups and achieve significant results. We are interested to expand our horizons through international collaborations and consortiums. Below we present the tasks we are willing to undertake on different EU funded Programmes:


Education, Training & Youth

Our team is well experienced in implementing projects under the previous Lifelong Learning Programme (such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig, Comenius and Transversal projects). InterMedi@KT continues its efforts under the new Erasmus+ framework searching for new challenges and collaborations in the fields of Education, Training and Youth. We can undertake tasks such as and icluding e-learning activities, as well as person-to-person seminars, dissemination and technical development for the needs of the project (website, mobile applications). We also hold valuable experience in project evaluation, an area to which we can also include members from our network of partners and supporters.

ERASMUS+ Programme


Rights, Equality & European citizenship

With Europe’s future being one of our fundamental concerns, we are fully committed to playing an active role in the creation of a better European society. We are members of several groups of active citizens and our connections with many institutions gives us the capacity to reach and involve people from the whole social spectrum in the programmes activities.

Europe for Citizens Programme

Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme



It is said that the origin of European culture is Greek. The province of Achaia, where InterMedi@KT is based, has much to offer to the cultural sector. Apart from museums and archeological facilities, we also have connections with many kinds of cultural associations and modern artists, as it is our goal to support, develop and exchange cultural activities.

Creative Europe Programme



Supporting youth entrepreneurship & youth workers is one of the main aims of InterMedi@KT. So we are trying to utilise any appropriate tool in order to realise this aim, as the COSME programme for small and medium-sized enterprises.

COSME Programme


Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation are considered an investment for EU’s future in order to achieve smart and sustainable growth. InterMedi@KT agrees with this point of view and is ready to collaborate under the Horizon 2020 Programme, especially in the areas of ICT Research & Innovation, Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and more.

Horizon 2020 Programme