• Title: My Story – Media and Migrants
    • Running dates: September 2016 – February 2018
    • Programme: Europe for Citizens | Democratic engagement and civic participation | Civic society projects
    • Identification number: 577396-CITIZ-1-2016-1-BE-CITIZ-CIV

My story, Migrants and Media (MMM) aims to apply media literacy education in shaping the ways in which the immigrant crisis is presented in the media and in which it is perceived by EU citizens with specific objects to be achieved;

  • mystory_logo_final_rgbTo enhance reflection on the ways the media is used to shape EU citizens’ perceptions on the immigrant crises, particularly media manipulations of delusive rhetoric, hate speech, stereotyping and propaganda by presenting the current reality of the (media-generated) tensions, opposing opinions, prejudice, real or perceived threats by EU citizens around the immigrant crisis through a debate;
  • To contra-influence the general public in the EU in their perceptions on migrants via intercultural exchange with migrants to fight stigmatization, xenophobia and discrimination, and via raising awareness on fundamental human rights and core values that the EU represents by disseminating the debate along with educational materials on media manipulations and fundamental human rights for the general public;
  • To equip immigrants and their supporting organizations with media literacy skills to enable media presentation in a way that can impact positively the perceptions of EU citizens, particularly on topics concerning maltreatments in media, violations of human rights, or xenophobia and other forms of discrimination by organizing workshops for immigrants residing in the EU and for organizations involved with immigrants and refugees on how to better portray their stories in the media to shape perceptions;
  • To shape the European media standards and media policies with regards to the ethical conducts on portraying migrant communities and minority groups by sharing media contents (stories) by immigrants and their organizations on human rights violations and media maltreatments;

The project is in line with the general, specific and annual priority “Combating stigmatization of Immigrants” of the Europe for Citizens program. It will deliver a video-documented debate on the migrant crisis and how it is portrayed/influenced by the media as well as Media literacy workshops involving immigrants, their organizations, journalists and citizens in all its participating countries; Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia.

Finally, the project results and a charter of policy recommendations will be disseminated to European policy-makers, particularly to members of the European Parliament, members of expert groups on citizenship and media literacy of the EC, and to international institutions such as UNESCO and the Council of Europe.