Captivating Europe

17–23 April 2016 Berlin, Germany

captivating europeThe purpose of this project was to analyze the flaws and deficiencies in existing pre-EU communication and develop strategies and tools to adjust it to the needs of younger generations, identifying the requirements for creating a common European identity. This involved simplifying existing arguments, finding more effective channels to disseminate them (e.g. social media) or simply presenting them more attractively. Also, make participants aware of national differences and similarities regarding the discourse on a unified Europe. One of the main objectives was to motivate the participants to apply the knowledge acquired in this training in future projects, promoting and encourage the active use of programmes like Erasmus+ as a support tool for the promotion of active citizenship and pan-European debate.

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Youth Empowerment for a Strong Europe

29 October–6 November 2015 Berlin, Germany

The purpose of this TC is first to analyse the current situation in Europe and then to develop strategies and tools for further action in order to promote European citizenship and encourage, support and help young people to actively participate in the social and political life. They will participate 24 people from 6 Programme countries: Germany,Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Armenia. NGOs have a great potential to help young people to see Europe from a different perspective and we, in InterMedi@KT, are very happy and proud to participate as Greek partners to this Training Course with 4 young participants. A training course which is coordinated by our trusted partners and friends in OneEurope.

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Steps to a career

10-18 August 2015, Romania

“Steps to a career” is about getting new skills and competences for youth workers in order to be able to advise and work guide the unemployed or looking after a job of young people, in accordance with the European dimension of labour work. For that purpose 24 youth workers participated in a training course in the city of Targu-Jiu. The training course targeted youth workers, youth leaders and youth in general who are involved in community-based projects that involve different community stakeholders, youth trainers/workers who are actively working with unemployed/looking for a job young people as a professional or on the voluntary basis. There were involved 8 partner countries, and 3 youth workers participated from each country. These were Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy, Republic of Macedonia, Czech Republic, Latvia and Georgia.

Read here about the impressions of our participants.

 Digital Storytelling: Empowerment for Resilience

13-19 May 2015, Latvia

Project “Digital Storytelling: Emprovement for Resilience” involved a group with 30 participants with mixed abilities from 6 countries: Turkey (2 organizations), Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland and Latvia. Activity took place in Valmiera, Latvia, in May 13-19, 2015. Aim of the project was to improve digital competences of youth workers by introducing them to digital storytelling and possibilities to use it in non-formal education, especially working with socially disadvantaged youth in order to build their resilience.

Restart Peace

5-11 March 2015, Serbia

The aim of the TC was an intercultural dialog for better understanding intercultural, international and inter-religious conflicts and tensions. Training aimed to equip the participants with competencies to develop local and/or international projects that promote peace, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialog and are against violence and hate speech. Main theme of the project was an important role of the youth as peace builders and initiators of conflict transformation processes in and between participating countries. Target group of the TC were 30 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey – project managers, coordinators, young leaders, youth workers, volunteers, peer educators and also youth activists, journalists, speakers who are active in non-governmental and non-profit organisations.

BiTriMulti – Multilateral TC for newcomers in youth exchanges

26-30 November 2014, Austria

The aim of the BTM training course was to offer an international learning experience to practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects, to offer the opportunity to meet possible partner groups and to make contacts in other countries in order to provide info about the ERASMUS+/ Youth Programme opportunities. InterMedi@KT was a proud partner organisation by sending one of our members, Mrs. Katerina Anastasopoulou