Who we are

InterMediaKT (Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer) is a NGO based in Patras, Greece, working as a broker for education, training and innovation. Through technology tools, collaborations and transfer of good practices we try to achieve our main aim of Knowledge Transfer.

Our Objectives

  • supporting youth entrepreneurship & youth workers,
  • effective promotion of knowledge, vocational and adult education through e-learning activities,
  • promoting science and advanced technologies as a tool for becoming better citizens and more competitive professionals,
  • support of local development through releasing the potential of alternative tourism and economic growth,
  • strengthening social cohesion by promoting equality of genres, nationalities and groups,
  • encourage professional participation whilst offering employment training programs for vulnerable groups.

What we do

  • Design interactive websites
  • Create e-learning tools and platforms
  • Create multimedia and animation
  • Graphic design
  • Storytelling digital tools
  • Manage social media for dissemination, promotion or networking purposes
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative research
  • Organize training courses, seminars and informational workshops
  • Work closely with youth workers and volunteers
  • Design dissemination strategies and carry-out exploitation activities
  • Involve experts and local stakeholders
  • Encourage civic participation and promote EU ideals and citizenship

Our interests

InterMediaKT consists of a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, all experienced and capable to implement projects within the framework of the European and International programmes. Using our wide network and connections, we can successfully reach many target groups and achieve significant results. By expanding our horizons through international collaborations and partnerships, we wish to: