Aftermatch- Life Beyond Sport


The AFTERMATCH project is an action aimed at contributing to the realization of one of the priorities of the EU Guidelines on Dual Career of Athletes, by focusing on “transversal skills” acquired during the practices of high level sport activities by athletes to be exploited towards 3 different targets: a) young athletes, by preparing them to a second career before ending their sport performances; b) with ex-athletes, by making them discover how the transversal skills acquired during sport performing can be used in a creative way in the labour market; c) with sportive associations / sport trainers, in order to raise their awareness about being not only “trainers” but also “educators” for young athletes, with the task of preparing them for a second alternative career.

The AFTERMATCH project, developed along a period of 24 months, involves at least one educational / training partner, at least one sport national federation and at least one famous athlete in 5 different countries. Starting from a high impact raising awareness activity (educational / training theatre sessions performed by famous athletes – testimonials – focused on “the secret learning-side of sport for improving business”), the project creates & tests specific training contents (Modules) with the help of involved sport federations, both with trainers / managers / staff of sport associations (by including it in already existing training programmes) and teachers of sport schools or academies thanks to “small scale pilot demonstrations”, with more than 100 young athletes, 50 ex athletes and 100 among sport trainers and sportive association representative involved and empowered.


Running dates: January 2016 – December 2017

Programme: Erasmus+ | Collaborative Partnership in the field of Sport

Identification number: 567180-EPP-1-2015-2-IT-SPO-SCP


Outcomes & Results

Results of research conducted within the European Project «AfterMatch – Life Beyond Sport», with the participation of over 250 athletes, coaches, trainers and human resources managers from 5 countries.