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Experience the thrill of making a difference, gaining new skills, and having fun – all at the same time. Volunteer with us today! 

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Forever young team

Energize your career and discover your purpose with our dynamic and ever-evolving team. Unleash your potential and creativity with our team and find a sense of belonging while pursuing your passion!

Not just Monotonous

We understand that staying in one location can be dull. That's why InterMediaKT offers a diverse range of opportunities, including desk work, on-site tasks, and European travels.

Continuously improving

For us, willingness to learn and apply new ideas is more valuable than any specific skill set. We are dedicated to personal and professional growth and working towards making the world a better place.


Our team's dedication and expertise have garnered us recognition at the European Level, allowing us to form collaborations and undertake many projects.


European Solidarity Corps

Are you young 17-30 years old? Are you active? Do you have a will and are you ready to offer the world? That’s the ESC! It requires your personal commitment, with a full-time job of 2 to 12 months in a country inside or outside the European Union.

What does it offer?

An ESC project can include between 1 and 30 volunteers who contribute to the day-to-day activities of organizations. In which sector? Depending on what you care about and appreciate, environment, arts and culture, children, people with disabilities, social inclusion, intercultural learning, youth policies and much more.

Yes much more, because it also covers:

  • Travel costs (with potential volunteer contribution)
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Food costs
  • Medical care
  • Monthly volunteer allowance
  • Language support
  • Participation in training and activity evaluation seminars

Do you want to see your evolution written? Upon completion of the voluntary service, the Youthpass certificate is provided.

Volunteering and group actions

Are you interested in volunteering and group actions? Would you like to offer to our activities and projects? Through this page, you can be informed and contribute with your knowledge and your skills in our actions.

Social awareness and volunteering

Social awareness and volunteering

From the mapping of accessible spots for our fellow citizens with mobility and physical disabilities, to the awareness of online security, the spread of eco-consciousness through creative recycling and ecotourism, the media literacy, the development of soft skills and dozens more issues that concern our society, our team is always active and ready to assist with its energy and resources. And of course we are always open to fresh ideas! We are looking for people with energy and willingness to volunteer!

Digital skills

From 2016, InterMediaKT instituted Patras Codecamp within the framework of the EU Codeweek, where hundreds of young people participated in a wide range of introductory workshops, Web development and Machine learning. In addition, being an active member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition on a pan-European level and having run the Junior Coding Academy project and participating in actions such as CodeGirls and DEVit, we are looking for new people who can help us with their knowledge and skills above in information technology, so as to actively assist our actions in the spread of digital literacy!

Social entrepreneurship and innovation

Our organization is an active member of the local ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation. By participating in actions such as Patras IQ, Socialize your business, the Social and Solidarity Economy Exhibition – (KALO), Patras Open Coffee and many more, we are looking for enthusiastic young people who want to develop, not only their own understanding of business but also the understanding of people around them.

Active Youth Participation

InterMediaKT has made it possible for dozens of young people to participate in Erasmus+ Youth Education programs, travel to Europe and become familiar with its institutions. Over the course of one and a half year, we have organized three informative workshops with the participation of over 200 people. But because we never rest, we hosted four people through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program! Sometimes, we also organize small “cultural celebrations”. We look for people with will and vision, to help us in our intercultural relations, inside and outside Greece!

We encourage the participation of local volunteers who support our mission and are willing to contribute. If you are interested in our actions, you can complete this form. If you want to find out more about volunteering in InterMediaKT you can refer to this info-note or you can contact us at

Thank you very much for your interest and willingness to volunteer in InterMediaKT!