Bridging the Gap: Empowering Rural Women for Success in the Modern Economy

Women in rural areas often face a significant lack of entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. In many cases, the gender digital divide makes it difficult for women in rural areas to access technology and develop the skills they need to succeed in the modern economy.  

Because of limited access to digital infrastructure and cultural barriers, women in rural areas can face major barriers when it comes to education, job training, and finding employment. To address these challenges, it is important to invest in digital framework and education programs that target women in rural areas. This will not only help women in these areas but also contribute to overall economic growth. 

The Bridging the Gap project aims to help women in rural areas learn new digital skills and knowledge. By doing so, they can increase their chances of finding work, becoming entrepreneurs, or getting better jobs. The project also contributes to reducing the gender digital divide, which means giving women equal access to technology and online resources. 

If you are a woman entrepreneur from rural areas and want to develop new skills or improve your tech skills, we are inviting you to check out an online course (MOOC). It is available in 6 different languages, and you can register for free. Besides MOOC, there are guidelines and a teaching method that was designed to meet the needs of the program and the women it serves. You can check it all out over here.