InterMediaKT Catch Up – Sinradio interview

On March 4th, Greg Archimandritis from InterMediaKT was “behind”’s microphones with Dimitra Alexandrakou and talked about the actions of the past few months as well as those that followed. Some of the topics mentioned on air: – Training Courses “Take a Risk-Winter Edition” & “GATES Project- Gold Awrad for “Prosvasis Roads” at Hellenic Responsible…

Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2019

Excerpt from our team’s award at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2019 from Efi Daskalopoulou’s participation in the Vodafone World of Difference Program, where she won the Gold Prize in the Technology for Public Benefit category: Prosvasis app / Vodafone Foundation & InterMediaKT. “An excellent experience with the Vodafone Foundation’s super team! An idea and…

Sinradio Interview

In the studio of sinradio and the show of Dimitra Alexandrakou was InterMediaKT with Greg Archimandritis, Panagiotis Antonopoulos, Nasos Koskinas, Nikos Matsankos and Nina Kemera EVS volunteer, from Serbia. PLAYING TRACKS BYMichael Jackson, Parov Stelar, Jain, Gnarls Barkley and The Raconteurs mashup and The Calexico.

Meet the WoDers

Prosvasis participated at #MeetTheWoDers! The winners of the World of Difference 2018 program presented and shared in live-streaming their experience from the programm and useful tips on how to submit applications.