Cover your needs, discover your career


The specific project comes to address people over the age of 40+, as well as those with low-qualifate and low-skilled. Workers who have been in the same workplace and position for a long period and are faced with the need to change their working environment and the need to acquire new skills and competencies. On the other hand there is a challenge for trainers in order to align better their actions with the needs of an adult low-skilled worker, to increase the attractiveness and accessibility of the offered programs, and to provide the representatives of the target group with opportunities to develop individual knowledge and skills. Teachers should actively involve adults learners in the learning process in order for them to act as intermediaries between them and the new knowledge, skills and competences.

Title: Cover your needs, discover your career

Running dates:  January 2019 – December 2019

Programme: KA2 strategic partnership

ID number: 2018-1-BG01-KA204-047980


To meet these challenges, the project sets the following goals:
Creating conditions and mechanism for access to educational services and opportunities for career development and raising the motivation for learning and motivation of the adults people from Bulgaria, Slovakia and Greece.
Improving and expanding the opportunities offered by adult education tailored to the needs of the low-skilled and the current needs of the labor market;
The project will bring together 3 partners from 3 different countries wishing to promote new concept of low-skilled adult education and motivation for development and helping people become responsible, open-minded and active members of our diverse and inclusive society by enriching adult educators’ intercultural competences in order to minimize the educational gap.

The project will establish the following intellectual products:

  • Handbook for adult trainers
  • Creative toolbox for training and development
  • Train the Trainer concept

The expected outcomes are related to the main problems addressed by the project – the lack of sufficiently adapted and attractive training tools for adults with low qualifications, deficiency of existing guidance for trainers in their everyday work with specific target groups and the deficiency of a multi-component adult education programs, encouraging their development.