CreationShip-Creative Entrepreneurship


The training course CreationShip took place under the Youth in Action Programme and was designed to contribute to the development of such abilities by making use of tools and methods of alternative learning. Through Creationship we aimed to foster the creativity of groups and individual learners, towards using it for increasing their own or others’ (through training) employability chances.

Through this 7-day training course the participants had the chance to explore various creative thinking strategies, idea generation tools and creative writing techniques, as part of a non-formal education for creating innovative solutions, developing problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, self-expression, communication skills, self-reflection and evaluation. In the end, participants were able to come up with innovative ways of using their resources in order to initiate new projects and to create their own employment chances.

The training took place in Patras (Greece) from 30/11 – 07/12/2013 and was designed for 30 participants from the following countries: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Egypt, Germania, Georgia, Greece, Latvia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine.

Title: CreationShip – Creative Entrepreneurship

Running dates: October 2013 – January 2014

Programme: Youth in Action (3.1.2)

Identification number: GR-31-Ε24-2013-R2