The DIG.I.T.ABLE – DIGital Inclusive Trainers for AccessiBLE Education project intends to contribute to:

– improving the alignment between the skills of professional trainers and the needs of the labor market through new skills and specialized digital competencies applied to accessible and inclusive online training.

– expanding the job opportunities of professional trainers through the acquisition of inclusive teaching skills that allow them to involve groups of learners with special training needs.

– improve the attractiveness of continuous online professional training, both for learners and trainers, through dynamic, interactive and engaging digital training, approaches, and tools

– broaden the career opportunities of workers with sensory (visual and hearing) disabilities through the increase of accessible and inclusive online vocational training opportunities

– increase the quality and impact of the activities implemented by continuing vocational training organizations, through the exchange of good practices for planning and developing their staff’s inclusive digital skills, in order to reach an ever wider target of learners.

Title: DIG.I.T.ABLE – DIGital Inclusive Trainers for AccessiBLE Education 

Running dates: January 2022 – December 2024

Programme: KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

ID number: KA220-VET-0598440F

Website: https://digit-able.eu/

The project intends to define a training standard for inclusive digital trainers, implement a VET training standard, and transfer to participants innovative teaching approaches, engagement strategies, and user-friendly tools for the development of learner-centered inclusive digital trainings.


Direct target:
Trainers needing to improve their competencies for implementing inclusive digital trainings and adapting to the labor market digital transition

Indirect target:
Workers with visual/hearing impairments who have difficulty in benefiting from continuous online professional trainings