ECO-WALKS: Combining Sports and Nature for Health and Environmental Wellbeing

It’s important to make sport and physical activity a part of our daily routine to maintain good health and well-being. Sports are not just great for staying fit and healthy; they also encourage social interaction and offer exciting opportunities, especially for younger folks.  

When it comes to outdoor sports, they’re not only a chance to explore and appreciate our surroundings, but they can also help us protect the environment.  By using nature’s resources to improve our physical fitness, we can enhance our well-being while also doing our bit for the planet. It’s a win-win situation! 

The ECO-WALKS project is all about showing how sports and nature go hand in hand. One of the primary objectives of the initiative is to promote the daily practice of outdoor sports as a means of maintaining and improving both physical and mental health. By engaging with the natural heritage that surrounds us, individuals can benefit from the rich resources that nature has to offer.  

Additionally, the project is dedicated to offering training and practical activities that promote responsible behaviors during sporting activities and increase awareness of environmental issues. Through these efforts, the project aims to facilitate the adoption of good practices for the protection, recovery, and enhancement of our natural heritage. 

If you are a hiking enthusiast, keep an eye out for our eco-paths on the ECO-WALKS interactive map, in which you will find detailed descriptions, photos, and videos of all the paths and walks. Besides, Online Modules that cover environmental protection, sustainability, climate, waste management, outdoor activity, eco-walks, and interactive maps will be accessible soon.  

For now, you can find out more about the stakeholders we’ve worked within on the project and take a look at the hiking routes in the project’s countries that you might be interested in.