Main objectives:

  •  To raise awareness about the importance of health-enhancing physical activity, through increased participation in outdoor sports activities.
  •  To encourage the development of outdoor sports activities as a tool for cultivating the knowledge of European culture and environment, raising awareness of the importance of their preservation, and stimulating active participation in ecological activities.
  •  To develop skills and key competencies of volunteers, trainers, youth workers, and professionals of the partner organizations and other stakeholders who wish to promote environmentally responsible behaviors in outdoor sports and activities, and to encourage people to care for the outdoors.
  •  To create a network of organizations from five European countries, promoting
    connections and exchange of good practices in the field of outdoor sports and
    environment protection.


Running dates: February 2022 – October 2023

Program: : ERASMUS-SPORT-2021-SSCP — Small-scale partnerships

ID number: 101049339


Sport and physical activity must be a fundamental part of every person’s daily life to maintain health and well-being. Sport also stimulates social interaction, providing
attractive possibilities for young people’s engagement, involvement in society, and active participation.

Outdoor sports also have a cultural function, giving people an additional opportunity to get to know better the area where they are practiced, integrate more efficiently, and protect the environment to a greater degree. In fact, Sport and environment represent an indissoluble combination: many sports can be practiced outdoors, allowing us to reach objectives of physical well-being through the resources that our environment offers us while enhancing them.

This project aims to highlight this bidirectional link between sport and landscape, on the one hand, by encouraging outdoor sports as a daily practice for maintaining health and psychophysical well-being, which can benefit from the richness of our natural heritage; on the other hand, by organizing training and practical activities that aim to promote the adoption of responsible behaviors during the sporting practice itself and to increase the awareness on environmental issues and the development of good practices for the protection, recovery, and enhancement of the natural heritage.