INNOVAT – Social Innovation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship


Aims and objectives of the project:

  • Strengthen organizations in the field of youth in Social Entrepreneurship with the application of social innovation tools.
  • Increase networks and exchange of practices among diverse but connected continents like EU and Latinamerica.
  • Maximize YOUTH PARTICIPATION as a tool for increasing opportunities of youngsters nowadays in both sides of the Atlantic sea in a complex social context like the current one.
  • Improve the access to opportunities for Latinoamericas’ youth.

General Objective

Strengthen 8 organizations that work in the field of youth and in the promotion of Social Entrepreneurship in 5 EU countries (Spain, Portugal, Greece and Romania) and 3 Latinamerican countries (Nicaragua, Colombia and El Salvador).

Specific objectives

    • The capacity in Social Entrepreneurship of partners and other entities that work in the field of youth is improved.
    • Enhanced policy advocacy and communication strategies in the matter of Youth Social Entrepreneurship at national and international level in participating countries.

The present situation will be changed in a positive way by diverse positive results as:

  • Knowledge, skills and competencies on new methodologies applied to Youth Social Entrepreneurship of participating organizations and social workers in the field of youth.
  • Encouraged networking, alliances, exchange of experiences and good practices to enhance Youth Social Entrepreneurship between members partners and other entities working in the field of youth.

Innovative and experimental Methodology
Learning dynamic tools for social innovation. This proposal will offer training of diverse innovative tools as: Creative Solution to Social Problems (Based of Design Thinking) to develop social solutions defined collectively after indenting specific problems; or STORYTELLING as strategy to tell the story of organisations/persons, and connect emotionally for common proposals. Those tools will be learnt in the training course and applied in participant countries. Those tools allow a common construction of ideas in a collaborative way to identify the more suitable solutions for concrete common problems.

Open Knowledge: as all information will be shared openly through social media, website and also there will be the MOOC (as massive training course open for more population and not just participants of this project). ICTs will be used then as strategic and dynamic tools for participation.

Outputs & Results

The project had as a deliverable the creation of a MOOC platform, which includes 5 free courses for young social entrepreneurship. The 5 courses that were created are:

  1. What is Social Entrepreneurship? Learn the main principles that define social entrepreneurship.
  2. Creativity training – Get your creative juices flowing and see that you too can be creative.
  3. Exploring the idea – With the social challenge identified, you must now consider what issues need to be taken into account to address it.
  4. From idea to project – We help you to develop viable strategies for addressing your chosen social challenge.
  5. Communicating your idea to the world: Use creative digital tools and engaging communication techniques to share and communicate your final idea.

More info about the MOOC platform at:

Title: INNOVAT – Social Innovation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship

Running dates: December 2015 – May 2017

Programme:  Erasmus+ KA2 | Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices | Capacity building in the field of youth

Identification number: 565888-EPP-1-2015-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA


Main activities of the project

Mobility of social workers in the field of youth: Training exchange to share experiences and learn new innovative tools that will be later applied in their own contexts. Goal: to identify and learn about the best innovation tools applicable for Youth Participation and Social Entrepreneurship.

  • VENUE: Valencia, Spain
  • PARTICIPANTS: 3 persons per partner.
  • DATE: 3rd or 4th week in May 2016, during 6 days

Use/application of Innovative tools in each partner country: Innovative tools (learnt during the exchange of social workers) will be applied in each partner country to train young people in social innovation. Partners will use 2 specific tools (1 in each 4 countries) in order to have a reference of comparison. Social workers that participated in the exchange will be the trainers, and youngsters the beneficiaries.

  • VENUE: each partner country
  • PARTICIPANTS: each organization and local stakeholders with at least 20 beneficiaries
  • DATE: from month number 6 of the project until month 14.

Open Educational Resource (MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): Online open course (training capacity building) for any youth worker from EU or Latin America, to strengthen skills to benefit directly youngsters. The goal is to share openly the knowledge, innovative tools, good practices, in a more wide sphere of beneficiaries and promote the culture of creativity and social innovation.

  • VENUE: online
  • PARTICIPANTS: partner organizations + 200 members of organisations in the field of
    youth (relevant stakeholders: universities, NGOs, authorities).
  • DATE: from June 2016 to April 2017.

FORUM “Youth Participation” and publication of a guide: Open event/conference where to share good practices, offer the practical information of new innovation tools by workshops and promote social and political incidence in the field of youth focusing in Social Entrepreneurship as strategy.

Publication: a guide of social impact experiences will be showed in the forum as a result of all the process develops in partner organisations.

  • VENUE: Valencia – Spain
  • PARTICIPANTS: 4 persons per partner + open participation of 80 social workers, 40 public administration, and at least 80 individual participants.
  • DATE: last week in November or 1st week in December 2016.