Education & Youth Officer

Adessa has been involved in youth work and volunteering for more than 5 years. Having obtained a BSc in educational sciences and early childhood education and has participated in various programmes like Erasmus+ studies and youth exchange in Italy, Erasmus+ virtual exchange and European Solidarity Corps in Belgium, she has developed an expertise in facilitating formal and non-formal education with an open mind towards new experiences and opportunities to learn. Her key interests include education policy, non-formal education and volunteering, internationalization of higher education and communities, youth participation, diversity and inclusion, and gender justice. Inspired by the autonomy and transformative power of young people, she believes that educational solutions, that make sense for the learners, can activate individual and collective change. Apart from youth work and education, she finds great joy in poetry, sudoku, crime series and sitcoms, beauty care and peaceful dinner with good friends.

Email: adessa  @ intermediakt (dot) org

LinkedIn: Adessa Zadia