Software Engineer

With a bachelor’s and Master of Science in Computer Engineering & Informatics, having graduated from University of Patras (Western Greece), Computer Engineering & Informatics Department, Polytechnic School, he has obtained quite good skills in native Programming, Web Development and Mobile Applications. He is typically recognized for his passion for communication within a team, enables the team interaction and possesses strong group organization abilities. He is suitable for accomplishing time constraint funded projects and is greatly aware of milestones responsibilities. His engineering capabilities have also been enriched from his research activities, currently on-going, in Cybersecurity. He never stops learning new things and keeps studying and reducing his “knowledge gap(s)”. He loves traveling and is keen for the ability to mobilize often. After work he can be found painting nice seascape portraits, architecting, playing Tennis. Quite recently, very much motivated from most global activist movements and activities, as per humanitarian crisis, gender equality, and, certainly, climate change.

Email: anastasios @ intermediakt (dot) org