Patras, Greece

Co-Founder & Vice-President of InterMediaKT | ICT Consultant

Although he started off studying Physics, Panos’s interests were soon intrigued by other activities. He is always keeping up-to-date with the latest technical advances in IT and especially in the gadget market. He is a perfectionist in everything he does and his name is guarantee for valuable work. He is a strong supporter of Open Software and holds great interest on freedom and privacy across the web. He is interested in spreading science, expanding horizons and exploring alternative tourism. He has worked on several national and European projects, enjoys meeting and working with new people, exchanging ideas and cultures. His favorite hobbies include photography, astronomy  and archaeoastronomy, a field where he is currently realizing driving research, and science fiction of course. He is also keeping busy playing his guitar and trying his skills on basketball.

panos.antonopoulos [ at ] intermediakt [ dot ] org
Panos Antonopoulos