Glasgow, UK

Clare_MurrayOwner of “CMC Peak Performance Training Ltd: Sales and Leadership Development Consultancy”, Clare has 20years successful experience partnering with clients from various market sectors both in the UK and across Europe. A specialist in Inspirational Leadership and Maximizing Sales Success, she works with all levels of organizational leaders, assisting them to achieve their business goals and maximize success.

She was quoted by RBS in 2006 as being one of the top three motivational guest speakers in the UK and enjoys being a keynote speaker at corporate and leadership conferences.

Based in Glasgow, her clients have included KPMG, BAA, Talisman UK, McCurrach UK [representing Unilever, Nestle and PepsiCo] United Airlines, Volkswagen and NFU Mutual. Clare is known for her dynamic and interactive style. Her drive, energy and natural exuberance never fail to influence her participants. Her client feedback is overwhelmingly positive achieving 99% ‘excellent/good’ ratings.

As an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, Clare offers highly interactive classroom style training, one on one business/executive and life coaching, teambuilding events and motivational guest speaker sessions something that makes her more than valuable as an external partner for InterMedi@KT.

Her speciality areas such as Inspirational leadership, Maximising Sales Success, Dynamic Presentation Skills, Coaching for Performance, Professional Negotiation Skills and The Winner’s Mindset, match perfectly to InterMedi@KT’s visions and activities.

A market’s person all the way, Clare is an expert in entrepreneurship analyzing and evaluation, adult education and SME’s marketing activities. Her fluency in Greek language is essential and important such as she knows how to “read Greek entrepreneurs’ minds” and establish a particular précised way of approach and guidance.

A keen swimmer, a passionate gardener, a lovely mother, when she’s not around people she loves reading her books and enjoy a good red wine.

clare.murray ( at ) cmurrayconsultancy ( dot ) co ( dot ) uk