efiEfi is from Kypseli, Karditsa. She spent her school years with the companionship of music, as she was a student at a music school. She graduated from University of Patras (Computer Engineering and Informatics) and now she’s studying to achieve her Masters certification.

She always considered that accessibility is a right that should be available to everyone and for that reason, along with 3 friends they created prosvasis.co, an online platform presenting accessibility points for people with special abilities. It contains from parking lots and cafeterias to hotels, restaurants and theaters all over Greece. They believe their effort is a small contribution in order to change the mentality and way of thinking of Greek society towards these people who live, create and work around us.

As she says: “Every day is an example to make our next day better, the past is ‘deleted’. You can’t predict the future, I just want to maintain my desire for a better tomorrow, which I will be the creator! It is in our hands to make the world better, you have the brushes and the paints, draw your personal paradise and get in. The quote I live by: Hapiness is what we wait for.

daskalopoulouefi (at) gmail (dot) com
Efi Daskalopoulou