Patras, Greece

eleni_petousiEleni is MSc Food Quality Professional; owning a BSc degree on Business Administration of Agricultural and Food Products of University of Ioannina. Her interests in food quality started when she was conducting her internship in Athenian Brewery S.A. (Heineken Greece). The influences she got then led her to the well-know University of Wageningen and its Research Centre in The Netherlands, where she followed a two years master degree on Food Quality Management. She conducted her research on behalf of H.J. Heinz Innovation Centre in Nijmegen under the title of “Designing a lean quality assurance system for the new Product Design Process: Identifying the Critical Design Points”.

Always being a woman of sports, she combined studies to exercise. In her spare time she trains taekwondo and fitness. Her occupation with sports enhanced her passion to quality foods and inspired her initiative to inform consumers like every day’s mums who grow up an aspiring champion.

She created the Food Inspector to add value to today’s consumers’ knowledge, something that makes her an InterMedi@KT’s valuable external partner with similar aims and way of thinking regarding Knowledge Transfer. She believes that food is a fuel our body requires in order to remain healthy and strong. A healthy lifestyle requires a combination of the right food and exercise. Through her website, she wishes to promote and even change the way consumers perceive foods. Creating conscious consumers is her main goal and her hope for a trend to start. She is characterized as someone who loves working in schedules, organized, disciplined, and communicative. She has learnt to work hard, dream big, set goals, think global but act local!

eleni.petousi ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com
Eleni Petousi