emil_racovita_2000“Emil Racoviţă 2000” Youth Association was founded in April 2001,at the initiative of a group of young people willing to promote the values of the European democratic institutions and to encourage the volunteering activities in a society where this segment was only at its beginning. Despite the fact that the association is young,it works with important institutions in Vaslui county,such as the County Direction of Youth and Sports,Culture Inspectorate,local Police,Town Hall etc.

Most of its members are students of “E.Racoviţă” Theoretical High School,teachers,engineers,their youth and enthusiasm being a major factor in the actions that have been accomplished.Because the volunteering activity is new among the young people,our strategy is to promote this very important aspect of the civic life among the High school students.Consequently,its members usually get involved in partnerships with schools of the county and with the local public authorities in a series of projects,adding their experience acquired during the previous volunteer projects.