Athens, Greece

PaparrigopoulouWith studies in Greece and Italy, holding a Master degree with a specialization in Special Education in Education – “Education and Disability Dinamiche emotive – affective ed educazione”, Fotini is a valuable external expert for InterMedi@KT in education for people with learning disabilities. Having also particularly noticeable voluntary action, the meeting with her led us to welcome her and accept her will to represent InterMedi@KT at the 5 days seminar “Training of Professionals for creating mobile support teams autistic individuals”. The training will take place in Lyon, France in the first week of April 2016 under the project TRAIL – Teenagers: the Road with Autism to Independent Living. The seminar is organized by our French project partner APAHJ 38.
She will also attend in workshops that will take place in Patras to share her experiences and relevant knowledge of the course subject to other interested social workers

fpaparrigopoulou ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com