Athens, Greece

George Xenarios was born in Athens in 1959. He studied Law. During his studies he was preparing his PhD on “The generation of the 30s and its translation” (Athens College, Metechmio Publ., University of Western Macedonia). He is currently working as a professor for Creative Writing, while attending various other related seminars on literature. He is also working as a critic for the newspaper “Eleftherotypia” (“Library”), one of the 6 best selling newspapers in Greece and since 2005 as a critic and commentator for the magazine “Diavazo”.

His first book was published on 1990 (“The Fall of Constantine”, Kastaniotis Publ.). It was later followed by “The Twins” (Kastaniotis Publ., 1994), “Sculpting Light” (Kastaniotis Publ., 2001, nominated for the magazine’s “Diavazo” award) and “At the Edge of the World” (Kedros Publ., 2011, also included on the short list of “Diavazo” award, as well as on the narrow list for National Novel Prize). As a translator, he has translated over 15 titles from French literature, two of which (the “Temptation of St. Anthony” by Flaubert [Greek Letters Publ., 2006] and “Carnivorous Stories” by Bernard Kirini [Metechmio Publ. , 2010] ) were in the short list of EKEMEL Translation Prize.

As a critic and columnist, he has worked with the magazine “Library” of “Eleftherotypia” newspaper (2000-2009) and the “Diavazo” magazine (2005-2012), while retaining regular column in the magazine “Exit” (2007-2010). Parallel texts (articles, comments, reviews) are published regularly in newspapers (“To Vima”, “Kathimerini”, etc.) and in literary magazines He was a professor for Creative Writing at the American College of Saint Paraskevi-Deree (2003-2006).

He has also organized a seminar for Creative Writing for Metechmio Publications (2006-2010) during which, he was the principal originator. During the period 2000-2003 he taught literary translation (from French) at the French Institute and EKEMEL. It was also on 2003 were he would teach Greek to disadvantaged groups, under the then current European Framework. He has served as general secretary of the Society of Authors (2007-2010), where he has been a member since 2002. Moreover he was a member of the Jury “Balcanica” literature Prize (2011), representing Greece.

His well known cultural and literature background, his high level expertise and his will to provide his knowledge to people that desire to learn about literature, all make George a valuable member of our team as an external partner and tutor.