Nasos Koskinas studied in Patras at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Patras with postgraduate studies in the Physics Department. As an engineer, he found the dynamics of cooperation at all levels and thus the idea of ​​creating a collaborative space in Patras was born.

Nasos has founded the POS4work, the first co-working space in Patras and is an area where collaboration among its members is promoted, it has a technological workshop and hosts teams aspiring to develop into newcomers. Nasos continues his undergraduate studies at the Department of Civil Engineering and also as a PhD candidate at the University of Patras with a research project on renewable energy. He is also a volleyball athlete and supporter of voluntary actions that promote Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Supporting such actions has led us to a very good cooperation, especially in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Since March 2018, Nasos serves as a Board Member of our organisation.

nasoskoskinas ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

Nasos Koskinas