Interactive Multimedia Developer – WOD 2021 Winner

Maria has graduated from the Department of History & Archeology of Ioannina and during her studies, she discovered the magical world of volunteering and European projects. She has participated in various trainings and mobility programs across Europe, either as a participant or as a member of the organizing team. In 2019 she traveled to Spain where she worked for almost a year in a youth organization in Málaga, through the European Solidarity Corps program. She was mostly creating multimedia content, managing the website and the social media pages, as well as organizing educational and non-educational activities. After she returned to Greece, she wanted to expand her knowledge in this field, so she successfully participated in a seminar on WordPress, and currently, she is attending Graphic Design courses. Combining her desire to volunteer and contribute to society and her involvement with new technologies, she will work at InterMediaKT to implement the “Web Guide for Mental Health” project, through the “World of Difference” program held by Vodafone Foundation, as one of the 10 winners of 2021.  She will develop a digital platform, which the main purpose will be to improve the mental and physical health of both family caregivers and the people they care for.

Email: marilda ( at ) intermediakt ( dot ) org