Athens, Greece

menelaos_cameraMenelaos is a theater improviser, instructor, photographer and life-long traveller. During the 13 years he spent traveling around the world, he settled in Austin, Texas for three years, during which he got neck-deep in improv comedy theater. He was amazed by how passionate this art form is and the way it broadens one’s imagination and gets them laughing like children for hours.

It was the logical (but utterly unexpected) next step to move back to Greece and found ImproVIBE, the first and only improv theater school in Athens and the whole of Greece.

Many years ago he obtained a degree and an MSc in a field that he detests, has worked as anything from translator for a large international financial group to sushi chef at a super market (and everything in between), has lived in 5 different countries on 4 continents, and has ended up in the hospital a number of times.

These days he teaches improv at his improv school, organises/presents/plays in improv shows as often as possible and gives interviews that nobody bothers reading. During his free time he cleans up his cat’s litter box and his dog’s mess.

menelaos (at) improvibe (dot) gr
Menelaos Prokos 
twitter: @menelaosprokos