Web Developer

Nancy Papaioannou is nearly a graduate of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Patras. She was born and raised in Nemea City. Her main interest is web designing in platforms such as WordPress as well as the digital transformation of different tasks. She also likes some coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and Python. She generally likes the combination of graphic design with technology.

In her free time, she mostly prefers to travel, specifically abroad where she likes to meet new people with different opinions and from various cultures. She loves animals and nature and she mostly hangs out with her pet, a dog, Luna. She also enjoys running in nature! Her big love is volunteering in various organizations, for example, she has helped athletes in Running Marathons. Her love for technology and communication with people as well as the sharing of knowledge made her apply in InterMediaKT.


E-mail: nancy @ intermediakt . org

LinkedIn:  Nancy Papaioannou