ECOSTEP YOUTH provides concrete and innovative solutions through attractive and participatory educational actions, with an environmental objective. Some of the benefits:

      • to restore confidence for these groups with new social and professional perspectives
      • help them become citizens who are aware and committed to environmental issues.
      • The creative use of waste can rekindle the potential of the disadvantaged youngsters by creating new opportunities.


      • Young people in academic, social or professional difficulty
      • reuse organisations / professionals / networks
      • supervisors within specialized institutions,
      • socio-educational leaders, social workers
      • local councils/communities – artisans, designers, artists.

Recycling and re-use are growing sectors, contributing to the emergence of new green trades. Society is changing, the world of work too, young people are in search of meaning. Setting up such a project with teenagers, who will be the “consumers” of tomorrow, allows them to be immersed in an innovative waste management model that deserves to be shared with as many people as possible.

The transnational working context with multidisciplinary and intercultural teams provides a great opportunity for these young people to emerge from their context of failure. They will engage in a new dynamic and new collaborative networks, where they will enrich themselves and discover new horizons. The project aims to capitalize on the experience gained by the consortium to create socio-educational actions around the creative recycling of waste.

The project aims to change the focus on bulky waste and materials derived from economic activity to consider them as unique resources, benefitting individuals and communities.


      • Capitalize on the opportunities offered by creative up-cycling and promote a transnational dynamic of groups of young people in difficulty through the re-use of “waste”.
      • Allow participants to regain a positive image of themselves through creativity, involvement in a collaborative project with other young people from different backgrounds.
      • To open to new economic sectors in the field of crafts, handicrafts, decoration, design, etc.
      • Promote equity, effectiveness of education and active citizenship in raising awareness on environmental issues.
      • Improve the creative, organizational and numerical skills of the young participants but also provide them with a good knowledge of their local and regional context, including contacts with companies.
      • To enable young people to acquire eco-skills by teaching them how to act on their waste production in an appropriate way, while becoming actors to sensitize others around them.

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According to the O3 outcome of the project, every team have to take interviews from professionals of the field of green economy and business. Our ambassadors met with professionals, who work to their own eco friendly businesses, and gave interviews with advises to the people who are interest about the sectors of recycling and reuse.

Eco Step Youth Interview - Restauro, Annie Sloan Stockist

Eco Step Youth Interview - COFEECO

Eco Step Interview - Liofyllo