INNOVAT: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Western Greece

InterMediaKT organized an open event with tile: “Social Innovation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship” under INNOVAT project on June 9 in POS4Work (Patras), where we learnt more about the concepts of social innovation and social entrepreneurship and how these can be a development force and push the young people towards new creative ideas and professional occupations.

Eleni Karfaki & Eirini Manolopoulou, researchers from Patras University talking about “Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Western Greece”

Learn more about the project INNOVAT here:

INNOVAT: Social Innovation: The Challenge for Prosperity in the 21st Century

Niki Lambropoulos, author, researcher in Creativity, Innovation and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in Education, makes an introduction on what is innovation, creativity and social entrepreneurship in her presentation: “Social Innovation: The Challenge for Prosperity in the 21st Century”

INNOVAT: The project and the Prosvasis online platform

Nikos Fazakis, Developer & Co-founder of Prosvasis presents: “Τhe project and the web platform of Prosvasis under the scope of social entrepreneurship”

INNOVAT: Tools of INNOVAT, From theory to practice

Victor Forlidas & Kostas Douvris from University of Patras Radio-UP FM talking about “INNOVAT Tools: From theory to practice” after his participation in the seminar on youth social entrepreneurship that was held in Valencia, Spain, between 16-20 May 2016.