Intercultural Education Workshop

Agora Argyri Conference Venue, November 27th 2014, Patras/Greece

As part of the educational program of InterPriSE, an open workshop took place in order to exchange experiences and best practices on intercultural education. The workshop was intended mainly for univeristy students and young teachers but and for everyone is interested in intercultural education and diversity management in schools.

Title: “Diversity and Communication”

Julia Athena Spinthourakis, Associate Professor, Department of Primary Education, University of Patras

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Title: “Integrating and Including Foreign Students in Schools”

Theodoros Baris, Head of Scientific and Pedagogical Guidance of Primary Education, Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in Western Greece

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Title: “Teach Local, Interact Global”

Emmy Tsiligirian, Principal of 15th Primary School of Patras

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Title: “Comparative Literature and Interculturalism”

Caterina Tsiouma, Philologist, MA in Modern Greek and Comparative Literature, Student at Spanish Language and Civilization on Hellenic Open University

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Title: “An exciting intercultural teaching experience in Africa”

Natasa Bezerianou, Teacher, Owner of Boulevard School of English

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