The Refugee crisis facing the European Union presents numerous socio-economic and political challenges for all member states, and calls for innovative models that deliver resources and practical solutions for diverse target audiences (new arrivals, young political asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, etc.). The transnational nature of the migration problem calls for a transnational, multilingual and multi facets solution paradigm that is flexible, proactive and scalable. Further, the growing Refugee unemployment problems across partner’s countries, calls for innovative models build on digital and mobile phones. According to Statista ( Refugee unemployment rates run from around 48.9%. 45.3% and 39.1% in Greece, Spain and Italy respectively, while 63% in South Africa (Brookings Institute) and 15% in Tanzania (Trading Economics). The Le Menach Foundation Consortium (LMFC) has been constructed to leverage the respective strengths to mobilise coherent solutions located on three key nodal points:

  • Dignity – built on dignity diaries
  • Health – using the planet health engagement model developed in conjunction with NHS innovators in the UK
  • Employability– Using the online model developed by the partners which promotes employability and enterprise skills ( and