ON-OFF Project Aims to Stop Cyber Gender-Based Violence

9 million girls in Europe have faced cyber violence before turning 15, but many countries don’t consider it a crime. Gender-based violence (GBV) has been a longstanding issue throughout history, fueled by gender stereotypes and inequalities. Today, it’s made worse by new technologies, which allow for anonymity and quick spread of abuse. Young people who use the internet are particularly vulnerable, but may not know that cyber GBV is a form of sexual violence and may fear victim-blaming if they report it. 

ON-OFF, a project targeting teachers, educators, and young people in five European countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus. The ON-OFF project is all about stopping online gender-based violence and breaking down gender stereotypes. The goal is to help teachers and educators spread the word to 12 to 17-year-olds and help them develop their understanding of gender.  

The project has several objectives, all of which are aimed at stopping cyber sexual and gender-based violence among young people. One of the primary goals is to make people aware of the real-life consequences of this type of violence and to stop any tolerance towards it. This includes empowering both young people and adults who are responsible for their education. By increasing the capacity of teachers and educators to prevent online GBV, the project hopes to reduce the number of victims.  

ON-OFF targets teachers and educators as they play a critical role in educating children to respect others, overcome stereotypes, and provide support in cases of cyber gender-based violence. The second target group is young people aged 12-17, who are both mature enough to engage with project topics and often affected by gender-based violence. Decision-makers will also be involved to ensure deeper commitment to the project’s goals and promote sustainability. 

The online E-learning platform is a vital resource for educators committed to preventing gender-based violence and empowering young people. The platform provides a wealth of resources and tools to help educators build their skills and knowledge and to support them in their critical work to prevent gender-based violence. 

The platform includes a handbook, animated videos, and workshops, all of which have been specifically designed to address the issue of gender-based violence and empower educators to help young people understand and respond to this problem. The handbook available on the platform offer detailed guidance on how to talk to young people about gender-based violence and provide practical strategies for preventing such violence. The animated videos provide engaging and accessible content that can be used in the classroom to introduce young people to the topic of gender-based violence and encourage discussion.