Project YMI Aims to Foster Inclusion for Young People with Autism in Community Activities

Many children and young people with autism are not fully included in society. Groups that work with them often only provide activities for autistic children, with therapists present, in separate groups. This can lead to being excluded, stigmatized, discriminated against, and institutionalized. 

The “Young Mediators for Inclusion” project (YMI) aims to address this issue. YMI helps autistic children and young people participate in community activities alongside their peers, with the support of “young mediators” who encourage social inclusion on equal terms. 

As part of the project, a new approach was developed to include children and young people with autism in community activities such as sports clubs, cultural associations, and activities promoted by the municipality. This involved creating a training program for young mediators and community staff members to ensure the full inclusion of people with autism. The project produced a European guide to share best practices in this area. Check out the project’s final report to learn about the important factors for successfully including young people with autism in community activities. 

The YMI project app helps transform community structures by empowering autistic people and mediators to break stereotypes and prejudices. The app creates spaces for equal participation and demonstrates that inclusion is possible. The YMI project’s app is available for Android devices and can be installed on smartphones and tablets.