Social Integration Through Informal Dialogue


The project focuses mainly on the integration of migrants/immigrants/refugees living in 5 different cities across Europe. Not only are they the primary target participants, but also locals who rarely have a chance to meet with said group of non-locals. This project therefore intends to bridge the gap that exists between local and migrant communities. We have also chosen the second set of priorities (YOUTH: Promoting Empowerment), as we are targeting young people in our communities and encouraging them to be more socially active. They will receive training on how to facilitate, be more sensitive to migrants’ needs, and learn creative ways to integrate migrants and refugees into the local community. They will be encouraged to follow the path of youth work and work closely with all partners.

Direct results of the project are as follows: – Trained staff of 20 youth workers from 5 countries in organizing, delivering and promoting the concept of the Open Cafe activity.

    • Realization of 200 editions of Open Cafe events delivered in 5 countries with continuation after its completion.
    • Reaching out to a minimum of 6000 local youth and migrants in 5 countries across Europe, those being participants of Open Cafe events (app. 30 participants/event).
    • Manual on How to Run Open Cafe and distribution via e-mail among a minimum of 200 European organizations working on inclusion and integration. The publication will also be available online to download for free.
    • Short film and mini series promoted via online mediums, reaching and viewed by a minimum of 2000 individuals from at least 5 countries. – Inspiring at least 5 more organizations in Europe to introduce the concept of Open Cafe into their activities following our example. – Initiating at least 5 crosssectorial cooperations (1/country) focused on integration of migrants with local community.
    • Being present in at least 15 regional media in 5 countries showcasing the project and its concept. It is estimated that each press release will reach a minimum of 4000 readers – this makes 300 000 people in at least 5 countries reading about our project Speaking of indirect results, the project aims:
    • To provide a space for migrants’ voices. This project is a platform for diverse and even completely opposed opinions and ideas to come together in dialogue. But before that can happen, we need to stimulate migrants and locals confidence is sharing their stories. So much so, that they feel comfortable in sharing their opinions without fear.
    • To call the attention of policy makers to the need of creating public spaces in which migrants are welcomed, where they can find support, and where they can belong, together with people from local societies.
    • To encourage cooperation between sectors in order to provide migrants with more holistic projects, related to health, employment and general healthy lifestyle.
    • To create a community centered around the participants of Open Cafe. So that they can feel that by participating, they are connected to other participants in other partner sites. Thus creating a community among them, where they start friendships or new projects, find new jobs or start-up new busninesses.
    • To create a community of like-minded NGOs which are interested in implementing Open Cafe as a method for integration in their communities.
    • For young people to become more socially active by creating their own projects, and participating in international projects such as youth exchanges and training courses. – To promote participation in democratic life in Europe, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity.
    • To enhance the international dimension of youth activities and enhance the capacity of youth workers and organisations in their support for young people. – To increase participants’ competence in foreign languages, particularly English and regional languages.
    • To promote volunteering activities and values among participants.

Title: Social Integration Through Informal Dialogue

Running dates: December 2018– November 2020

Programme:KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices| KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for youth

ID number: 2018-2-PL01-KA205-051460



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