Support our vision

To continue to be everywhere, we need a space, here, in Patras.

 A space of creation and inspiration that will host all the actions and initiatives of InterMediaKT, all the tools we have developed and even more, the events and activities that we have instituted and the habits we have established. A space that will welcome actions and interventions of other stakeholders. A safe meeting and interaction point, open to all. A cradle of new ideas, Knowledge Transfer and creativity that is introduced for the first time in the 3rd largest city of Greece, Patras, and is created by our organization, which is certified for non-formal education activities!

For the actualisation of this, we need your help!

With a small or big amount you can support us to make this new space of collaboration, innovation and ideas a reality in Patras. To support together people of all ages to have equal and quality access to knowledge.

Support us with a donation

You have been our allies in our actions for 10 years! Your help is valuable to us, because without you nothing can happen. Become a vital part of InterMediaKT with any financial offer and by actually contributing to our actions and initiatives!

With 3€

Treat us to a coffee, so you can give us the energy we need for more creative programs and actions inside and outside Greece.


With 5€

Treat us to a sweet treat and give us the sugar boost we need to stay creative for new ideas and actions.


With 10€

We cover the expenses of young people for every trip they take part in exchange programs abroad.


With 20€

Help us implement the “Dress2Code” initiative, which involves free programming workshops from women to women for 1 year.


With 50€

Support our “Open Dialogue Café” effort and share with us your story and highlight social topics of discussion that concern you.


With 100€

Support the “Social Bus” Program that trains young women and men to create their own social business.


National Bank of Greece
Bank Account: 78547010898
IBAN: GR2401107850000078547010898