Take a look at the COM training course project

Writers: Anastasia, Konstantinos, Sofianna and Sofi 
The training course for the COM (standing for Communities Organizing Movements) project Inclusive Participation Through Digital Tools was a blended Erasmus+ mobility with an online seminar on February 27th and 28th and a face to face one at Peñaranda de Bracamonte, a beautiful village near Salamanca from March 26th until 31st. 

During the days we stayed there we talked about the concepts of social media, our own relationships with digital life, and exchanged tools and good practices to make social media inclusive. Some of the activities we had were the theater to change, a version of theater of the oppressed, and the digital challenge we did in a public space in Salamanca, specifically the Plaza Anaya and prepared and named it COM Social Media Challenge. Every day we had reflection groups to disseminate our experience. Overall, we had an amazing time, we participated in exciting and interesting activities and met new friends from Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. 

COM Project aims to produce a large set of digital tools for youth workers to develop their capacity and methodologies to engage with young people with fewer opportunities, including those who live in rural areas by strengthening transnational cooperation between organizations with less experience in European projects.