YMI (Young Mediators for Inclusion)

The YMI aims to:

  • (i) design and test in three European countries an innovative / pilot methodology to include children / youth with autism in regular community structures (sports clubs, cultural and recreational associations, activities promoted by municipalities, etc. ), on an equal basis with other children through technical follow-up (mediators for inclusion) and through evaluation and necessary adaptations;
  • (ii) training “young mediators for inclusion” (facilitating agent that promotes the inclusion in articulation with the family and contexts);
  • (iii) training technicians and other staff of all community partners, in order to ensure the full participation of children/with autism;
  • (iv) design a European guide for the inclusion of children/youth with autism. To implement this innovative project has been established a consortium which includes 4 european associations (Inovar Autismo, Autismo Burgos, Autism Europe and Diversamente Onlus), a portuguese university (ISCTE Business School) and a partner entity specializing in new technologies (Interactive media knowledge transfer intermediate).

Title:Young Mediators for inclusion – (YMI)

Running dates:  September 2019 – February 2022

Programme: Erasmus+ – KA2 – Strategic partnerships for vocational education and training

ID number: 2019-9-PT01-KA202-40EB07A4

Website: https://mediators4inclusion.eu/

Most of the children and young people with autism still live on the margins of society. Almost all institutions that work in this area, develops specific activities directed only to children with autism, in segregated groups, accompanied by therapists.

This reproduces paths of exclusion, stigmatization, discrimination and early institutionalization. In view of this diagnosis, the Portuguese association Inovar Autismo (Innovate Autism), designed the Project “Young Mediators for inclusion” (YMI). This project promote the participation of children/young people with autism in activities developed by community structures, on equal terms withtheir pairs, through the support of “young mediators for inclusion”. This will allow a progressive transformation of community structures, which will certainly prolong the project’s impact in a sustainable way once the project is over.