YSEP(Youth Social Entrepreneurship Potential)

During the whole duration of the project, the main objectives are:

  1. Promote a common understanding of the field of social entrepreneurship by exploring different concepts, formats, and models of social entrepreneurship
  2. Facilitate the transfer of good practices and ideas from social enterprises, strengthen community spirit and increase the motivation of young people to participate in society by creating a set of existing local social entrepreneurship initiatives
  3. Helping young people, regardless their backgrounds, statuses or educational levels, to learn how they can detect local needs and use their cultural and environmental heritage to launch a social initiative. This will be achieved by creating a European training methodology for Youth (modules, training, learning materials)
  4. Developing young people’s entrepreneurial skills to identify resources and business opportunities within the local community and enhance cultural heritage, social and environmental skills, as well as the basic and cross-cutting skills, language and numerical skills
  5. Share best practices and ideas on social economy initiatives in communities and create a best practice manual as a result of all project activities

Title: YSEP “Youth Social Entrepreneurs Potential”

Running dates: September 2020– August 2022

Programme:KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

ID number:KA205-911B56C4

Website: https://ysep4youth.eu/

The “Youth Social Entrepreneurs Potential” project aims to enable young people, who want to develop their business ideas while generating a positive “return to society”, to develop their social entrepreneurship skills and critical thinking. It also focuses on helping them to acquire the required competences to identify and value the resources of their local cultural and natural heritage.