Digital Skills

By developing ICT skills and creating digital tools, we enhance a more conscious and responsible use of technology fostering Knowledge Transfer.

Non-formal Education

We actively encourage the participation in such activities, like seminars, workshops, exchanges and training courses which are designed to help participants to develop their skills, improve their employment prospects and enhance their European citizenship.

Social entrepreneurship

We develop and participate in Training Courses to improve our society through entrepreneurship, not only from a merely economical point of view, but by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.

Promoting Volunteerism

We believe that volunteerism is a manifestation of social behavior with moral values which we owe to embrace, cultivate and disseminate to fellow citizens.

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Who we are

InterMediaKT is a non-profit organization working as a broker for vocational education, training and innovation. We aim at supporting, inspiring and empowering actions of evolving business and entrepreneurship.

We keep on track with technological advances, new ICT tools and e-learning methods in order to disseminate the knowledge in every age.

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Our Values


We strongly believe that differences can only enrich our experience. We welcome cultural diversity, diversity of topics, skills and opinions.

Social Equity

We go beyond the value of social equality and indiscrimination by working towards social equity, believing that each person should have access to the amount of opportunities and resources specifically needed.


Novelties bring us new inspiration. New methods, new ideas, new perspectives. We don’t mind to experience something new to improve ourselves and our impact.


To grow is to develop. To develop is to evolve. To evolve is to look ahead reflecting on the steps done. We consciously move on growing our expectations, efforts and achievements.

Multidisciplinary grounding

We encourage a broad understanding and appreciation across many disciplines, driven by the idea that learning is a multidimensional experience.

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Our Team

We are proud to work with

We are aware that great results can be achieved only through fruitful cooperation. By following this philosophy, we surrounded ourselves with valuable fellow travellers, who accompany us in our adventure.

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