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Co-Founder & President,
IT Manager 

Panagiotis Antonopoulos is a Co-Founder of InterMediaKT and an IT Consultant. He is responsible for the development of online educational tools and the development of digital skills training programs. At the same time, it supports organizations seeking digital transformation. He is a strong supporter of open source and is particularly concerned about the issues of freedom and privacy across the web. He is the coordinator of the Patras Codecamp annual event and has worked on many national and European projects. He enjoys meeting and working with new people and exchanging ideas and cultures. His favorite hobbies include traveling, photography, astronomy, archaeology, and science fiction!

Board Member,
Project Manager & Education Officer,

Youth & Volunteer Coordinator

Antonela has many years of experience in European and international projects and more than 500 hours of training on her back! She works in the fields of youth and Civil Society. She is the coordinator of education, youth, and volunteering at InterMediaKT, where she combines technological innovation with learning. She is a member of the pools of trainers of the Greek Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning and the British Council in Greece. She has lived in 5 countries and traveled to more than 30. She adores non-formal education and youth work and is a columnist for the Coyote youth work magazine of the Council of Europe A lover of contrasts, she loves hiking and relaxing with a glass of wine, excursions, and lazy Sundays on the couch, sleeping and having coffee. She declared to be 25 years old in 2016 and ever since, she has been struggling to find that infamous balance between her personal and professional life!

Board Member,
Design Manager 

Nikos is a graduate of the Department of Business Planning and Information Systems. His expertise lies in web design and interactive media creation. He has specialized knowledge in creating an online branding identity and user experience (UX/UI) designs. Having participated in and led a number of European Technological Projects, Nikos has the appropriate knowledge in website design, online e-learning platforms, multimedia, graphics, and promotional materials. At the same time, his love for Sports and his 20-year participation in it helped him to understand the importance of discipline and teamwork, which led him to continue his studies at the “Sports Management” Master Program, in order to offer both the organization as well as in the sports community. Finally, through his travels, he assimilated the right elements of each culture and was able to grow not only professionally, but also personally, participating in the creation of a start-up business and an educational non-profit organization for children, contributing even more to the community!

Communication Officer

Aspasia is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration at the University of Patras, specializing in Marketing. She has professional experience in the field of communication, marketing, promotion, event planning, and sales.

Since February 2020, when she completed her six-month internship as an Office Manager at InterMediaKT, she has been working at the organization as a Communication Officer. Additionally, since February 2022, she has been a member of the organizing volunteer team of TEDxPatras as a Social Media Coordinator & Media, while in the past she had worked concurrently with her studies in the field of product promotion/sales.

Aspasia has been actively involved in volunteering, participating in various local and international volunteer actions organized by civil society organizations, aiming to contribute to positive social impact. She has been involved in events such as Wordcamp Europe, TEDx Patras, Pink the city for “Leap of Life Patras,” Lesvos Trail, and many volunteer initiatives promoting educational opportunities for youth through InterMediaKT.

Education & Youth Officer

Adessa has been involved in youth work and volunteering for more than 5 years. Having obtained a BSc in educational sciences and early childhood education and having participated in various programs like Erasmus+ studies and youth exchange in Italy, Erasmus+ virtual exchange, and European Solidarity Corps in Belgium, she has developed an expertise in facilitating formal and non-formal education with an open mind towards new experiences and opportunities to learn.

Her key interests include education policy, non-formal education and volunteering, internationalization of higher education and communities, youth participation, diversity and inclusion, and gender justice. Inspired by the autonomy and transformative power of young people, she believes that educational solutions, that make sense for the learners, can activate individual and collective change. Apart from youth work and education, she finds great joy in poetry, sudoku, crime series and sitcoms, beauty care, and a peaceful dinner with good friends.


Web Developer

Nancy Papaioannou is nearly a graduate of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Patras. She was born and raised in Nemea City. Her main interest is web designing in platforms such as WordPress as well as the digital transformation of different tasks. She also likes some coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and Python. She generally likes the combination of graphic design with technology.

In her free time, she mostly prefers to travel, specifically abroad where she likes to meet new people with different opinions and from various cultures. She loves animals and nature and she mostly hangs out with her pet, a dog, Luna. She also enjoys running in nature! Her big love is volunteering in various organizations, for example, she has helped athletes in Running Marathons. Her love for technology and communication with people as well as the sharing of knowledge made her apply to InterMediaKT.

Daria is 27 years old, born in Moscow, and holds a master’s degree in European studies from Paris Nanterre University. Past 5 years she has been working in NGOs as a manager and fundraiser. She mostly worked with businesses creating collaborations to raise awareness of social problems, creating fundraising campaigns, and organizing fundraising events. She is able and happy to build long-term relationships with partners, conduct any communication, attract resources for organization needs, come up with various promotions and campaigns, and implement them both independently and jointly with other team members.
She’s a fan of the lifelong learning concept :) She had finished Moscow Professional School of Philanthropy and different creativity courses, but always try to gain additional knowledge and learn from experience not only from colleagues from the NGO sector but also from third-party specialists. She adores meeting new people, learning languages, travelling, and been in 31 countries.

Inés is graduated in Social Anthropology from the University of Granada (Spain), with a Master’s Degree in Anthropology Applied to Health and Community Development. Her speciality as an anthropologist is collective health and, specifically, collective mental health. In this sense, she has worked as a researcher at the “Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia” in Lisbon (Portugal), conducting interviews with mental health professionals linked to psychosocial care resources for people with severe mental disorders. As a sociocultural worker, she has worked in local development associations in Spain, organising and implementing non-formal education activities for children and the ederly. She also has experience in organising and implementing cognitive stimulation and psychomotor activities in nursing homes. Her work as a volunteer in residential resources for homeless people, as well as in several youth associations, lead her to consider non-formal education resources as a necessary tool for the empowerment of the most disadvantaged groups in our society through community development techniques. That is why her participation as a volunteer in InterMediaKT is in the department of Education and Youth. Beyond her professional experience, Inés is a lover of everything related to Brazilian culture. She plays several percussion instruments and likes to discover aspects related to Brazilian folklore and spirituality. In addition, she likes to practice yoga, enjoy nature and meet people from different places.

Isslem holds a degree in Computer Science from a university in Tunisia. Over the past year, she has actively engaged in a variety of projects, continually pushing her limits, and expanding her skills. In her previous role, she served as a coding instructor, dedicated to empowering women and girls with the knowledge of web development, with the aim of bridging the gender gap in the tech industry. Through her teaching experiences, she cultivated a keen interest in effective information communication and supporting others in their learning journeys. She’s committed to enhancing her interpersonal skills, particularly in the realm of communication, through active volunteering and networking. Recently, she took part in a European Solidarity Corps program in Poland. This experience allowed her to step away from the technical role and focus on the development of her soft skills. She had engaged in diverse activities, including communication with a wide range of people, delivering presentations, and contributing to an art project. Beyond her professional life, she’s a passionate reader, a dedicated cook, and a tech enthusiast. She’s not only fluent in Arabic, English, and French but also intrigued by the prospect of learning additional languages.

Ani has a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Education at Ilia State University in Georgia and has taught children since university. She completed a one-year course in Information Technology at SBA College, and for that, she also taught children how to use computers. While working as a teacher, she gained practical knowledge about communicating with students and establishing a positive classroom environment.

A year ago, Ani decided to choose a profession that would be more related to technology, because technology-related activities always attracted her, so she tried to never lag behind the news. Ani studied social media management and web design at IT Step Academy. She likes to create and manage business pages. Currently, Ani is working on designing her first mobile e-learning app.

Ani is open-minded and eager to develop and acquire new skills. Her great desire is to continue developing in this field, learn the necessary programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and become a professional web designer and web developer. Also, she enjoys meeting new people and being a part of something important.

Ani loves the idea of imparting education through technology and wants to contribute at least a little to this company as a volunteer.

Junior Web Developer

Antriana is a student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in Informatics. She is currently interning at IntermediaKT, where she is gaining experience with WordPress.

Antriana enjoys creating functional and attractive online environments and aims to continue evolving and expanding her knowledge in software development.

In her free time, she loves traveling, exploring new cultures, and meeting new people.

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