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Maddalena is 22 years old, and she recently graduated with a degree in International Sciences and European Institutions from the University of Milan. Maddalena loves being involved in intercultural environments and enjoys meeting people from all around the world: she has travelled since she was a child and, since 2022, she has taken part in various projects and activities that have pushed her beyond her comfort zone. Committed to lifelong learning, Maddalena believes by infusing a genuine passion for education it is possible to create a better society. Her key interests are knowledge transfer and intercultural awareness. She is fluent in four languages—Italian, English, French, and German—and is eager to learn more of them.

Ani has a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Education at Ilia State University in Georgia and has taught children since university. She completed a one-year course in Information Technology at SBA College, and for that, she also taught children how to use computers. While working as a teacher, she gained practical knowledge about communicating with students and establishing a positive classroom environment.

A year ago, Ani decided to choose a profession that would be more related to technology, because technology-related activities always attracted her, so she tried to never lag behind the news. Ani studied social media management and web design at IT Step Academy. She likes to create and manage business pages. Currently, Ani is working on designing her first mobile e-learning app.

Ani is open-minded and eager to develop and acquire new skills. Her great desire is to continue developing in this field, learn the necessary programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and become a professional web designer and web developer. Also, she enjoys meeting new people and being a part of something important.

Ani loves the idea of imparting education through technology and wants to contribute at least a little to this company as a volunteer.

Rosanna has achieved her Master’s Degree in English and German. She had the opportunity to actively research foreign language education and gain experience abroad in the field of the promotion of language and culture. She mainly worked on the aspect of active involvement in intercultural communication and language learning in audio conference language learning tandem projects.

Thanks to her language studies and her Erasmus experiences in Poland and France, she further improved her linguistic abilities and developed interpersonal skills (and totally fell in love with both cultures and food!).  

She enjoys working as a team player and is eager to provide her best and constant support to ensure the best result.

Oriane is 23 years old, she is French and she is currently doing a masters degree in Political science at La Sorbonne in Paris.

She is specialized in development and humanitarian action and wants to devote her career to humanitarian work . She has already some volunteering experiences in France but also in international NGO especially in Ivory Coast. She is really interested by the topic of woman’s rights.

Jorge Taboada, from Spain is graduated in fine arts in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia including one year Erasmus in the fine arts university of Lisbon.
He had several experiences abroad related with the art field  such as working as an art coordinator in Torrinha art residence in Porto or in the art studio for people with special needs called Rocket Artists in Brighton. In the personal level he is an art passionate, he dedicate most of his time painting or playing guitar.
He also enjoys reading, cinema and traveling with friends.

Paty is a Biologist, with a Master’s degree on Applied Ecology, and has been part of research projects on Animal species conservation and Green Living Areas. Having a strong concern about environmental issues, she is currently a volunteer with WWF Greece on plant species conservation. She is passionate about the world, taking every opportunity to discover new cultures, and having participated in 22 international projects, as a participant and leader. Through her involvement in international mobilities she has had the chance to facilitate numerous workshops, in which she also gained experience through her active involvement in Student Organisations such as IEEE UPatras, BioLogia and BiTUP. She enjoys gaining new skills, thus she is always trying something new alongside her permanent projects. She has her own platform devoted on literature counting an audience of 10.6k readers, she’s been a travel blogger, radio producer, she’s learning Italian and has experimented with programming and DIY projects and journaling. After trial and error, some of these experimental hobbies have made it in her everyday life!

Nikolaos Avgerinos is a fourth-year chemical engineering student with a passion for storytelling.
Alongside his academic pursuits, he aspires to become a novelist, weaving tales that captivate and inspire.
His love for travel fuels his curiosity about different cultures and places, enriching his perspective and fueling his creative endeavors.

Triantafyllos is 21 years old, born in a village near Kozani.
He studies in the Chemical Engineering department of the University of Patras. Willing to exploit everything he can from his university opportunities, he has been a volunteer at ESN for more than 2 years. Having passed from different positions such as local Vice-President and being a member of International Committees, he decided that he could be a volunteer in local organizations in order to raise awareness not only in the international community but also among the citizens of Patras City. He is an enthusiastic person and that makes him able to contribute to knowledge transfer through non-formal education and volunteering activities.
Apart from being a volunteer and student, he loves going on trips to different countries and participating in European projects.

Η Μανταλένα είναι 22 ετών και πρόσφατα απέκτησε πτυχίο στις Διεθνείς Επιστήμες και Ευρωπαϊκούς Θεσμούς από το Πανεπιστήμιο του Μιλάνου.

Η Μανταλένα αγαπά να εμπλέκεται σε διαπολιτισμικά περιβάλλοντα και απολαμβάνει να γνωρίζει ανθρώπους από όλο τον κόσμο: ταξιδεύει από τότε που ήταν παιδί και, από το 2022, έχει συμμετάσχει σε διάφορα έργα και δραστηριότητες που την έχουν ωθήσει πέρα από τη ζώνη άνεσής της. Δεσμευμένη στη δια βίου μάθηση, η Μανταλένα πιστεύει ότι με την έγχυση της θέλησης για την εκπαίδευση είναι δυνατόν να δημιουργηθεί μια καλύτερη κοινωνία. Τα βασικά της ενδιαφέροντα είναι η μεταφορά γνώσης και η διαπολιτισμική ευαισθητοποίηση. Μιλάει άπταιστα τέσσερις γλώσσεςιταλικά, αγγλικά, γαλλικά και γερμανικά— και είναι πρόθυμη να μάθει περισσότερες από αυτές. 

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