What we offer.

InterMediaKT focuses on two areas:

  • development of digital tools to foster Knowledge Transfer
  • training and empowerment of different target groups (children, young people, people 65+, organizations and their employees)


Let’s join forces and work together!

Through participation in projects/activities or B2B collaborations, we offer the following services:

Digital tools development


Online learning platforms

(Courses, webinars, streaming)

Web/mobile applications & games

Graphics and multimedia


Digital skills

Children & young people

  • Programming & STEM
  • Web development

People 65+

  • Computer use
  • Internet and social media


  • Website development and management through CMS platforms
  • Online learning tools development and management (courses, webinars, etc.)
  • Organizational digital transformation (web conference tools, company emails, cloud services, calendar, project management tools)
  • Communication & marketing tools (newsletter, storytelling, social media advertising and analytics).

21st century skills

Employability skills

Career upskilling

Soft skills

Social Entrepreneurship

Introduction to entrepreneurship & social innovation

Business planning steps

(Business Canva, Funding, Legal framework, Branding, Marketing and Advertising)

Social impact:

Bringing change by solving social problems



How to present an idea

Collaborations with non-profit organizations: