A hug for the e-lderly

A hug for the

The project responds to the need for equal inclusion of people 65+ yrs. in the digital world. Digital illiteracy, non-age-friendly platforms and societal stereotypes for seniors prevent people 65+ from using digital tools that will facilitate their daily lives and improve their quality of life. At a time when government services, banks, markets, and even medical services are being digitized, the right to equal inclusion in the digital world affects everyone regardless of age.

The project ” A hug for the e-lderly ” aims to protect the right of equal access and participation of people 65+ in the digital world and is implemented over a period of 22 months in 5 cities in Greece (Patras, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Chania, Athens ).

The “Hug65 +” application will be developed by InterMediaKT together with 20 people of 65+ yrs. creating a digital educational tool for seniors, made by seniors. Through (and) the application 400 beneficiaries will be educated on their rights and how they can use the application to share their digital needs. The trainings will be the result of the cooperation of the 2 partners, InterMediaKT & People Behind.

Title: A hug for the e-lderly

Running dates: May 2021 – April  2023

Programme: Active Citizens Fund

ID number: ΕΕΑ 438

Website: https://hug65plus.gr/