• The AFTERMATCH project indicates and emphasizes that the dual career of an athlete is also the ability to create an environment friendly to self-development by the athlete himself and to indicate the benefits of implementing professional activities through such elements as CSR Sport, work-life balance and, of course, two career paths.   

  • There are many things that need to be done by a current professional athlete to prepare for life after sports. The transfer of skills and competencies acquired during a sports career to the labor market after the end of a sports career is a great capital that can be used in professional development after the end of a sports career.

  • The project draws attention to the creation of educators on this issue (dual careers of athletes) who would indicate ways and good practices of using acquired skills during the sports career and in the labor market. 

  • The project shows examples of good practices, the activities that will focus on the implementation of tasks that activate and consider the professional group to which athletes belong. 

  • Our activities with Partners also take up issues, the correlation between the requirements of the labor market (including key employee competencies) and reorientation in the professional group entitled athletes.


Running dates: January 2024 – December 2025

Programme: ERASMUS-SPORT-2023-SCP

ID number: 101133576
Website: –

The AFTERMATCH 2.0 Reload project and the partnerships created to achieve the goals of the project are designed to indicate the possibilities of using (transferring) acquired skills during a sports career to the labor market. We also implement good examples in the field that the dual career of an athlete is a philosophy of strategic action, in which skills and competencies are acquired in real-time, and the effects of these actions from the labor market level will be possible to use later.