“ATTAIN- Accessible Tourism Training for Accessibility Inclusion and Navigation


  • ATTAIN project is aimed at setting up and testing new learning methods/courses/materials on accessible tourism which will improve the inclusion of a growing number of people with disabilities. This is in line with the EU “Framework on inclusion measures” as well as with the “Inclusion and Diversity Strategy”, which support easier access to funding for a wider range of organizations and allows to better reach out to more participants with fewer opportunities. ATTAIN project intends to work on inclusion and diversity-related issues and aims to help address the barriers people with disabilities or special needs may face in accessing a set of facilities and services in the tourism sector so that they can enjoy the opportunity to travel, stay, and take part in events without encountering problems or difficulties in conditions of autonomy. safety and comfort first. A satisfying experience of accessible tourism for people with disabilities/special needs depends on multiple factors: e.g.: accessibility of information, which is easily available, understandable and effective; accessibility of the services and facilities, which are easy to reach and fully usable; knowledge and skills of the personnel working there, who are prepared to respond to various types of needs; presence and operation of an accessible “network”, such as hotels, means of transport, restaurants, places of interest nearby. ATTAIN project intends to improve the knowledge and skills of those workers who can “facilitate” the effective involvement of people with disabilities/special needs in satisfying experiences of accessible tourism, and mainly social care/healthcare operators (who facilitate the accessibility in practice) and tourism operators.
  • ATTAIN will support the development/update of VET curricula of both social care/healthcare workers and tourism professionals on accessible tourism, which is a growing market niche in the tourism industry. By elaborating on a learning methodology common to tourism operators and professionals who work daily with people with disabilities or special needs will contribute to getting the vocational training aligned to labor market needs. With an increasing number of people with disabilities traveling, there is a need for workers who can provide appropriate support and care to these individuals. VET programs that incorporate accessible tourism can help produce workers who are well-equipped to work in this area and can meet the growing demand for skilled workers.

Title: ATTAIN- Accessible Tourism Training for Accessibility Inclusion and Navigation

Running dates: September 2023 – August 2025

Programme: KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational

education and training

ID number: 2023-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000165113
Website: –

ATTAIN General Objective is setting up and testing a learning method on accessible tourism supported by digital tools designed to foster VET curricula, addressed to social care/health care professionals and tourism operators, improving the responsiveness of VET to the emerging demand in the labor market coming from the accessible tourism. To achieve this objective, entities from Italy, Greece, Lithuania, and Spain, specializing in the VET, accessibility, and digitalization, will work together to define common strategies to achieve