Ionian Channel TV | News 14/12/2016 Event – MyStory: Migrants and Media

From the Ionian Channel report on Wednesday 14/12/2016: “Media literacy, the Refugee Issue and the role of online journalism: Good Practices and Dangers.”

The immigration-refugee issue has sprung up on the top of the news agenda. The Internet is widely regarded as a powerful tool, as well as its role in informing and shaping public opinion as it has the ability to give voice to migrants and refugees but on the other hand it can be used to promote propaganda stereotypes and rhetoric hatred.

The project “My story-Migrants and Media” aims to implement media literacy on how the migration crisis is presented in the media and how it is perceived by EU citizens.

The purpose of the event is to bring together experts with the public to explore how internet journalism can shape the social discourse on the refugee issue and therefore how the various actors can work together to decompose the negative elements from him. The workshop includes a roundtable consisting of representatives of Internet, print and television journalism, refugee and immigrant organizations, and local and international organizations dealing with refugee and migratory issues.

The organizations are involved:

IOM Greece, Greek Red Cross (Patras), STEGI PLUS (+), Praksis, Andravida-Killinis Municipality, Hellenic Open University-PRESS Project

Ionian Channel, Solomon, JAJ Journalists about Journalism, OneEurope, OneEurope Greece & Cyprus, Media Literacy Initiative, Union of Journalists of the Peloponnese of Epirus and Islands, UP FM – University of Patras Radio