"Volunteering projects 2023


  • All participants have access to a wide range of support services, including online language support and training. We want to ensure that every participant has the necessary support to fully leverage their experience.


  • During the course of the activity, participants must respect the rules and organizational structure of the hosting organization. This ensures harmonious cooperation and effective execution of duties.


  • During their stay, participants will engage in regular feedback sessions with both the support organization and the hosting organization. This exchange of views and experiences helps improve the stay and the development of the participants.


  • Upon their arrival in the host country, participants have the opportunity to participate in educational activities provided by the national unit. This allows them to quickly integrate into the environment and acquire valuable knowledge and skills.


  • For personal support, each participant has a mentor who accompanies them throughout their activity. The mentor is there to support the participant and answer all their questions


  • We also encourage you to use your own ideas, creativity, and experience to contribute to the work of the hosting organization. We want to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to develop their own projects and activities that benefit the community. By participating in the European Solidarity Corps, you will experience a unique journey, gain skills, and contribute to the development of society. We are here to support you on this journey


Title: Volunteering projects 2023

Running dates: June 2023 – October 2024


Programme: European Solidarity Corps


ID number: 2023-1-EL02-ESC51-VTJ-000122176


Website: https://youth.europa.eu/home_en

Participation in the European Solidarity Corps is a unique opportunity for young people to contribute to the development of our societies and to gain a rich experience. Our goal is to inform prospective participants about the terms and opportunities we offer.

In the European Solidarity Corps, participation is entirely free for the participants. There are no charges, either direct or indirect, for your participation. The only thing that may be requested is a possible contribution to travel expenses.