The project “Digital including Tool” (DiGiTool) was collaboratively designed to train teachers (regular education / special education), to work with students with autism, using ICT. Through this training, DiGiTool will allow, indirectly, the training of students with autism to use these tools. Thus, it is proposed to design and pilot test, in Portugal, Spain and Italy, a new inclusive ICT approach in the scope of autism, which promotes the communication, socialization and learning of these students, enhancing their school success.


The project will train up to 90 professionals in the area of education (up to 30 for each implementing country), trying to cover as many primary and secondary schools as possible in each country.


The training will have as a key theme the inclusive ICT, important for the learning and production of their own content and the implementation of new teaching and evaluation methodologies by the teachers. DiGiTool will also have as an end product an inclusive ICT Multi-resource KIT, a user manual and an integrated app, materials that will be available for free download and, at the end of the project, can be translated into several languages and disseminated at the European level.

Title: Digital Inclusive Tool | DiGiTool

Running dates: May 2021 – May 2023

Programme: KA226 – Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness

ID number: 2020-1-PT01-KA226-SCH-094911

Website: https://digitool-autism.eu/