ESC Experience at InterMediaKT

Every year, InterMediaKT invites volunteers from various countries and cultures to participate in the European Solidarity Corps project. This program offers a chance to learn new skills and make a positive impact on the local community.

This year, we welcomed volunteers in four sectors: Multimedia & Graphic Design, Education & Youth, Communication and Media, and Fundraising.

Ana Timotijevic is a graduate of the Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology in the Department of Photography. We asked Ana about her motivation, activities, and the benefits she gained from participating in the program.

Ana pointed out that The European Solidarity Corps provided the perfect opportunity for her to explore a new country and experience life as a local. Through the program, Ana engaged in various activities that allowed her to gain new skills and work in a team. She also had the chance to participate in local activities, and public holidays, and explore the area with her colleagues.

“During the program I participated in many activities, some that were in my field of studies and some that were not, which was a great opportunity to learn new skills. I did design and photography and worked in a team.”

Ana highlighted the personal growth and increased self-sustainability she gained from the experience. She learned valuable life and professional skills, developed a better understanding of cultural differences, and improved her communication skills.

“It has definitely become more enriched with the various experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise have and people who I have crossed paths with that have taught me many things and I will cherish those connections for the rest of my life. I have also grown a lot, as a person.”

Overall, Ana’s participation in the program has enriched her life with diverse experiences and connections that will be cherished for a lifetime. She has grown as a person and gained a deeper appreciation for the opportunities presented through her involvement in the European Solidarity Corps.

Ilke Atican is an English teacher who volunteered at InterMediaKT in the education department for the last 7 months. Her main motivation was to explore non-conventional forms of education in international settings and gain insights into the impacts of EU projects on a diverse audience. She mentioned her personal and professional growth with the following words:  

 “Volunteering at IntermediaKT presented many opportunities for me to work on those skills that actually matter and are in demand. I truly feel that the skills I have gained here help me as a teacher and as a person on a daily basis.”  

Ilke expressed that InterMediaKT values diversity and equality, a feature expected everywhere, however, unfortunately, it is not guaranteed. InterMediaKT’s involvement in various projects and collaboration with partners and participants makes the whole experience more enriching and exciting. She expressed her appreciation by saying:

“InterMediaKT does what it means. European projects are about bringing people together and sharing, regardless of their background. I felt very welcome thanks to the people who I worked with. Here, everyone is well-educated about cultural differences and appropriation, something that makes the atmosphere more enjoyable”   

Overall, InterMediaKT helped Ilke with her personal and professional growth by presenting opportunities to learn by doing. She believes that what European Solidarity Corps projects offer can be a life-changing experience if the project and the institution you are involved in match your needs, interests and values.

Melike Pala was thrilled to share her experience as a volunteer in the Media & Communication team at InterMediaKT through the European Solidarity Corps.

As a Media & Communication Assistant at InterMediaKT, participating in the European Solidarity Corps program provided Melike with valuable experiences and skills. This opportunity enabled her to enhance her teamwork and interpersonal skills. Melike emphasizes that experience was incredibly enriching, and she feels more confident and prepared for a career in communications and social media management.

“Firstly, I improved my social media management skills by creating and scheduling engaging content across various platforms. I also learned how to develop and implement effective communication strategies…”

When discussing her motivation for joining the project she mentioned that one of the main driving factors is the opportunity to make a positive impact on communities across Europe through volunteering and solidarity activities. She highlighted that participants have the chance to contribute to significant social and environmental causes while simultaneously gaining new skills, experiences, and perspectives.

“It is a chance to engage in something larger than oneself, to broaden one’s horizons, and to make a positive contribution to society.”

Through participation in the European Solidarity Corps, Melike has acquired a diverse range of skills, experiences, and personal growth that will benefit her in future career and personal life. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity and is excited to witness how it will shape her future.

Nino Diakonidze, a graduate of Tbilisi State University with a background in Social and Political Sciences, volunteered in the Communication and Media team at InterMediaKT. She shared her experiences during her European Solidarity Corps project, emphasizing the personal growth and professional development it has offered.

For Nino, the European Solidarity Corps is not just a platform to enhance professional skills but also a space for self-development and personal growth. Throughout the project, she had the chance to meet people from diverse cultural backgrounds and exchange unique experiences with them.

“Connecting with people from different cultures, learning new things daily, and sharing my experiences with others has been an incredibly meaningful aspect of this project,” Nino expressed.

Working with InterMediaKT has provided Nino with the opportunity to contribute to meaningful and interesting projects. She also appreciated the new opportunities that arose through this project, expanding her social circle and opening new horizons in her professional life.

“Being part of InterMediaKT has allowed me to participate in and experience significant projects. It has helped me improve my existing skills and gain new knowledge that will be valuable for my future.”

Nino considers her volunteering experience at InterMediaKT as a positive opportunity that has enriched her life in various ways. This experience will always be a cherished and memorable chapter in her journey.

Souad Anour, a 24-year-old from Morocco volunteered in the fundraising team at InterMediaKT. She generously shared her experience with the European Solidarity Corps.

Souad highlighted that the European Solidarity Corps represents a fantastic learning opportunity to develop both her interpersonal and professional skills. The skill set she has acquired throughout the project will benefit her in any career path she may pursue in the future.

“It has been a privilege to work with InterMediaKT since December, during which time I have been involved in developing partnerships with other NGOs, writing proposals for Erasmus+ funded projects, and other initiatives.”

Souad expressed her desire to gain valuable experience and further develop her skills during the project, which she successfully achieved. Participation in the program has improved her life by allowing to develop personal and professional skills, and by giving her the opportunity to learn from other cultures and traditions.

“I don’t have one best moment from the program because I hold dearly every interaction I had with other volunteers, co-workers, and Greek friends.”

Souad believes that her participation in the European Solidarity Corps opened doors to valuable experiences and connections that may lead to future opportunities and collaborations. She recognized the long-term benefits this program will bring to her personal and professional life.

The European Solidarity Corps program, hosted by InterMediaKT, has proven to be a life-changing experience for its volunteers. Participants from different backgrounds have shared their stories of personal growth and enhanced skills. The program provided opportunities to explore new countries, engage in diverse activities, and make a positive impact. Our volunteers gained valuable experiences and perspectives. Their time with InterMediaKT enriched their lives and prepared them for future personal and professional endeavors.